Moving Art Workshop

About the Painting

Artist: El Greco, the  Greek mannerist painter.

Time period: c. 1597-1599

The style: Oil paint on canvas

Location: National Gallery of Art Washington DC

It depicts a legend in the life of Christian saint Martin of Tours: the saint cut off half of his cloak and gave it to the beggar.

Figure 1: Saint Martin and The beggar painting taken at Bjørnemosevej 108, Odense, September 18, 2019.

My Short Story Board

  1. Saint Martin is trying to communicate with the beggar by moving his head a little bit.
  2. The Beggar is listening carefully and looking at the saint.
  3. After awhile Saint Martin is wipping the horse and the horse is just nikking and sparking his legs in the air.
  4. While the beggar still looking at him.
Figure 2: My story board about the painting of Saint Martin and the beggar taken at Bjørnemosevej 108, Odense, September 18, 2019.

Moving Art Workshop Links

Saint Martin and the beggar

  1. Animate fil med kode
  2. HTML document med animation 
  3. Javascript fil med javascript kode
  4. Billede 1 i animation.
  5. Billede 2 i animation.

Here is the link for my first moving art try out

  1. Landscape Moving art
  2. Reference of the landscape painting


At first I thought it will be easy to do this animated painting. I already imagined on how to do it. I just have to cut some parts of the body I would use to make it moved on my animation. But then when I started looking for a painting it already took me some time to find the right one. I am looking for an easy one but it’s just hard (woman thing). Then I found a landscape. Actually the landscape was easy to animate because I just have to add some elements on it. For example I add a ball jumping and birds flying etc. But then I am not satisfied again so I decided to do saint martin and the beggar instead.  The tricks on how to make a painting moved is I used photoshop to cut some body parts. But then it is also hard to use photoshop in my opinion but I found out how. Anyway there is a lot of ways on how to cut some parts of an image in photoshop but I used quick selection tool and then layer via cut and eksport the parts I cut..

Then the tricky part is how to make the parts moved naturally, using animate cc it was possible but I am not yet good at it. My moving art is not yet finish but I delivered it anyway.The next workshop I will do better. I just need more time to learn the program.

Why I choose to deliver Saint Martin and the beggar painting?

I choose this painting because I like the horse to moved. I thought it was easy for me to cut of some parts of it using photoshop then animate it afterwards. But then it wasn’t really easy afterall. At first I made an animation with a landscape but then I changed my mind because it is so easy to add some elements on a landscape and I dont really need to cut some parts. But I like to challenge myself if I can do better that’s why I animate saint martin and the beggar instead. Because I thought it would be fun animating the horse. I would like to make the horse nikking and moving his legs but it is not that easy though. I tried and tried until I succeed. The movement is not the best but I made them moved a bit and that’s all that counts. 🙂