Aesthetics Design and Principles


Figure 1. C.R.A.P exercise taken at Bjørnemosevej 108, Odense, September 13, 2019.


Contrast – Orange color

  •  Text have a good contrasts between sizes, colors and fonts.
  • Some of the box elements is wider than the other.
  • The direction of the text messages goes horizontal and vertical. 

Alignment – Green color

  •  The menu, three boxes, and brown box is centered.
  • The  left and right margined is very aligned.
  • Header and footer is well aligned too.
  • The texts are in the right place and space in between are equal.

Repetition – Purple color

  • Text thickness and thinness, fonts, colors and size are being used repeatedly.
  • Boxes are being used many times.
  •  Orange highlight of text have been used in three boxes too.

Proximity – Yellow color

  • All boxes has a good equal space.
  • They also have equal size in between texts.
  • The relationship between elements is really well combined and well thought. Becuase you can see that the menu has defined by the color green, and the three boxes belongs to each other because of being close and the footer has another color to define they are there together.


Aesthetics design is very essential when we make a product. It gives us the feeling of pleasure to use that product. So when a products looks good more people gonna use it. For example in this CRAP exercise I have, I choose SPIES website to see how they use the CRAP design. And most importantly they have a functional website, very usable and it’s pleasing to the eye because of using contrasts, repetetion, alignment and proximity principles.