Disruptive Technology / Innovation


  • a concept that clayton christensen has invented. Way to use technology, and how to differentiate oneself or stand out from the other companies.


Two different types of technology

  1. Sustaining technology

  • technological developments that help organisations to make marginal improvements

  1. Disruptive technology

  • wild and unexpected technology breakthroughs that require corporations to radically rethink their very existence.

  • they seem limited interest, but eventually they completely overturn existing products and markets. F.eks mobile phone, digital photography and online retailing

Disruptive technologies problems:


  • born prematurely

  • do not always hit the market with a bang.

  • often come at the world from unlikely directions.

How business models work

“It describes how a company creates and captures value.”


“The features of the model define the “customer value proposition” and the pricing mechanism , indicate how the company will organise itself and whom it will structure its supply chain.

  • Basically, a business model is a system whose various features interact, often in complex ways, to determine the company’s success.

Protip: At least 3 or more features transformative business models has a better success.

6 Elements of Truly Transformative Business Models


 Keys to Success:


  1. More personalised product or service

  1. Closed-loop process

  • linear consumptive process( in which products are made, used and then disposed ) with a closed loop, in which used products are recycled. This shift reduces overall resource costs.

  1. Asset sharing

  • enable the sharing of costly assets

  • AIRBNB – allows homeowners to share their home with travelers

  • UBER – share assets with car owners.

  1. Usage-based pricing

  • Some models change customers when they use the products or service, rather than requiring them to buy something outright.

  • Customers are likely to grow and the company benefits.

  1. More collaborative ecosystem

  • Some innovations are successful because a new technology improves collaboration with supply chain partners and helps allocate business risks more appropriately, making cost reductions possible.


  1. An Agile and adaptive organization

  • Innovators sometimes use technology to move away from hierarchical models of decision making in order to make decisions that better reflect market needs and allow real time adaptation to changes in those needs.

  • the result is often greater value for the customer at less cost to the company.

Pro tip: At least 3 or more features transformative business models has a better success.


Red and Blue Ocean


Red – Dårlig. Dem der sælger det samme produkt.

Blue – God. Meget unique. Skiller sig ud end andre. Skaber en værdi


Eksempler På Disruptive technology


1. Just Eat was an example of disruption


Yes it is. Just Eat was the first to gather restaurants etc. somewhere so they made it possible to order food in a single place online.


2. Was Facebook an example of disruption


Facebook was half not half disruption. Arto, which came out in 1998, was very much the same principle, but facebook was international and brought together a much larger group. In addition, there were many more options on Facebook


3. Think of a disruption idea for?

A learning app (abc, 123) for small kids where parents can see the children’s development (while using the app). Nowadays small kids are very curious what’s going on behind the screen, instead of seeing “kids videos” parents can offer them the learning app. It helps them recognise the basic abc and parents will likely happy for using the time productively.